Underway with the Après-Ski

Do you like beautiful views with your aperitif? Then the Après-Ski Express is perfect for you. It will take you from Andermatt to Disentis and back in a panorama carriage with snacks and drinks.

Panorama route

The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway with the two Après-Ski carriages winds its way in sweeping curves from the Andermatt railway station up to the Oberalp Pass. After passing by spectacular 3,000-metre peaks and through glistening winter woods, it returns back down from there to Sedrun and Disentis. The trip takes a little longer than an hour, and you can hop on and off at every stop. You’ll need a ticket only if you don’t have a ski pass.

Maximum enjoyment

After skiing, you can make yourself comfortable on one of the cosy seats or in the lounge. Whether sitting or standing: Don’t forget to look out the window. The trip through the high alpine terrain is impressive regardless of whether you’re sipping on a hot Holdrio. If you’re instead in the mood for something cold, order a beer, a soft drink or a finely crafted cocktail. The rolling bar offers a broad range of beverages. There are also local specialities, like cheeses and cured meats, as well as nut pastries.

Avant-ski trip

The Après-Ski Train doesn’t just pick you up from the piste, it also brings you to it. It starts operating in the morning. And the choice is up to you: Switch to the Schneehüenerstock Express gondola at the top of the pass? Bring the children to the Druni KidsArena in Sedrun? Or go on to Disentis for some freeriding? The train makes all scheduled stops – and with coffee, housemade croissants, and a terrific view, you can take your time in making your decision without any problem.

Après-Ski Train schedule

21 December 2019 to 13 April 2020
Depart Andermatt 8.28 9.28 12.28 13.28
Arrive Oberalp Pass 8.50 9.50 12.50 13.50
Arrive Dieni 9.09 10.09 13.09 14.09
Arrive Sedrun 9.14 10.14 13.14 14.14
Arrive Disentis 9.39 10.38 13.39 14.38
Depart Disentis 10.14 11.14 14.14 15.14
Depart Sedrun 10.31 11.31 14.31 15.31
Depart Dieni 10.36 11.36 14.36 15.36
Depart Oberalp Pass 10.53 11.53 14.53 15.53
Arrive Andermatt 11.19 12.19 15.19 16.19