The ACE Snowpark Schweiz
An ace for Andermatt + Sedrun + Disentis

In the snowpark with three lines in various levels of difficulty, the creativity of freestylers knows no bounds – look forward to 10- to 15-metre kickers, boxes, special waves, rail downs, and much more.

Fun for every level

The set-up in the ACE Snowpark at Andermatt+ Sedrun+Disentis on Gütsch is completely redesigned every year by the crew headed by park designer Raju Boog. In between backflips, cab 270s, and slides, take a break on lounge furniture in the chillout area with cool sounds.

Nice to know

The ACE Snowpark was originally called the Snowpark Andermatt Sedrun Sport AG, or ASS for short. Since the various meanings of this abbreviation in English aren’t really appropriate, the German word for “ace” (“Ass”) was simply translated into English. And as a result, the part is now called ACE Snowpark.